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Planning Information

Planning Information

You may read reference(s) in the Parish Council Minutes to Planning Applications being Refused or Approved. However you should note that these are for information only. They are not references to any decisions made by the Parish Council. The Parish Council is NOT a Planning Authority and therefore has no power to make any planning decisions.

The Parish Council is merely a statutory consultee, who must be notified by the Planning Authority of any applications that fall within the Parish boundary. This is to enable the Parish Council to make comment on any application, in the same way any individual can.

The Parish Council may also make comment on applications outside the Parish boundary, again as may any individual. The process for the Parish Council making comment on any application is the same as that for any individual i.e. in writing to the Planning Authority.

In the vast majority of cases it is Wyre Borough Council who are the Planning Authority who determine planning applications in Inskip but there are instances where Lancashire County Council adopts that role. There are also instances where applications are made close to or even crossing the Parish boundary but not within or wholly within Wyre. In such cases it is then the neighbouring Planning Authority (either Preston City Council or Fylde Borough Council) that may invite comment from the Parish Council.

Members of the Parish Council take a vigilant approach in representing the local viewpoint, and encourage objectors/supporters of planning applications to attend meetings and put forward their views.