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Wyre Flood Forum meeting

Wyre Flood Forum meeting

April 28th, 2024

Points relevant to Inskip from an extract of a recent Wyre Flood Forum Meeting, held 21st March, 2024. 

Inskip / Catforth– investigation works have been undertaken looking at flooding issues on the highway. A report on the findings of the investigation has been drawn up and is to be discussed with colleagues.

MS asked for an update on the investigation works at Inskip and Catforth – he asked whether the works were yet at a stage when LCC could report back to the County Council. MO said the report has been published and he would forward details to all interested parties.

Questions to UU – MS said that he understood that there were issues with a pumping station on Derby Crescent, Inskip – he asked whether there was an update on this. PL replied that the station came under UU at Preston, not Wyre, and that he had been in contact with them to look at the issue. He added that he had met with UU and the affected resident to look at the issues, which look to relate to misconnections of foul and surface water drainage, and an excess of surface water in the foul system leading to regular spillages to the main river watercourse. PL confirmed that this issue had first been looked at approximately 5 years ago and was thought to be due to a misconnection of the LCC highway drains into the watercourse; this had been resolved, but the system is still surcharging with excessive rainwater during a heavy rain event.


MS – Cllr Matthew Salter. LCC

MO – Mark O’Donnell – LCC Highways

PL –Paul Long, Wyre Council Engineering

UU – United Utilities.