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Approved Minutes meeting April 2024

Approved Minutes meeting April 2024

April 26th, 2024

Please note that these minutes are published in DRAFT formation and may be subject to correction/amendment following formal approval at the next council meeting on

16th May, 2024.

Please note that these minutes were APPROVED at a meeting on 16th May, 2024

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 18th April, 2024 at YIPs Centre, Inskip



Cllr Samantha Readyhough (SR) Vice Chair

Cllr Geoff Carter (GC)

Cllr Nick Danby (ND)

Cllr Phil James (PJ)

 Clerk:  Susan Gilbert (SG)

Members of the Public : 8


Cllr Peter Cartridge, Cllr Dean Faria, Cllr Carol Berry, Cllr Sue Catterall


Parish Councillors; Joanne Porter (Wyre Council); Wyre Cllr Susan Catterall; Wyre Cllr Peter Cartridge; LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter

Meeting opened:            19:00

Meeting closed:               20.45


  1. Open Forum
  2. Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday
  3. Footpaths report – Mr Brian Dearnaley
  4. Wyre in Bloom – Claire Nash
  5. YIPs/Bowling Green Pavilion – Claire Nash
  6. Matters arising from last meeting
  7. Highways
  8. Planning
  9. Carrs Green
  10. Defib check confirmation
  11. AOB
  12. Parish Admin

Next meeting Scheduled for:  Thursday 16th May, 2024.


 Chair: Cllr Samantha Readyhough

Date: 16th May, 2024


  1. Open Forum

1.1 Police reported that there had been a couple of patrols regarding parking around the school.  A meeting has been arranged with affected residents and the school.  Patrols are also ongoing on Carrs Green to control access to the common by vehicle.

1.2 A resident asked whether there has been an update on the bus service.  LCC have confirmed there will be no change to the service when an alternative provider is commissioned in May 2024.

1.3 Picnic benches – Claire Nash stated that Wyre have confirmed that there are no funds available for this project and asked whether parish council would be able to fund the project.  Councillors suggested that YIPs should obtain quotations for perusal before decisions could be made.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting, held on 21st March 2024

Approved as read

     3.Footpaths report

3.1 Mr Brian Dearnaley reported that FP10 (Higham Side) and FP28 are still blocked. PROW have been informed.  FP18 is now unblocked and Mr Dearnaley has way markers and signs ready to erect when the weather allows. The Woodplumpton lengthsman has agreed to put a stile at the end of FP18.   Correspondence between Mr Dearnaley and David Goode (WBC PROW) has confirmed that WBC now have a ranger after 2 years without, which should improve outstanding inspections and maintenance.

  1. Wyre in Bloom

4.1 Claire Nash reported that planting has begun in the village planters with donated plants.  The annual plants have been ordered and should be in place in May. Mrs Nash would like to contact whoever is responsible for areas in Treales/Wharles as they looked attractive and would like some advice.  She also asked whether plants should be laid on Carrs Green and it was agreed that they should not as they are not native plants. Mrs Nash asked whether funding would be available in the future if bulbs were required when Wyre in Bloom funds had been spent.   She also asked whether signs could be provided to display in the larger beds to advertise ownership and commitment.  Councillors suggested she obtains quotations for signs and bulbs for further consideration.


4.2 Cllr Readyhough asked whether council was in favour of No Mow May, as the lengthsman had enquired. Council agreed that they were basically in favour of No Mow May and would put a notice on council website and social media explaining why the verges may look overgrown during May. Cllr Danby suggested we continue to mow Carrs Green but keep the verges uncut where possible. Cllr James suggested that the verges could become very overgrown if completely left and attempts should be made to cut at the end of April. It was agreed that the lengthsman should use his own judgement and mow if the verges are becoming very overgrown as this would create a problem for cutting later in the year.

  1. YIPs/Bowling Green Pavilion

5.1  Mrs Nash reported that she had met with a representative from the Bowling Club who confirmed that they were happy for a community garden to be created at the side of the entrance to the bowling green. The representative and Mrs Nash also discussed the idea of extending YIPs to encompass the bowling green pavilion which is in poor repair.  Cllr James advised that parish council own the bowling green pavilion but the club are responsible for the maintenance.  Parish council agreed that they had no objection to the demolition of the pavilion and an extension being put on YIPs for the purpose of making a larger all purpose community venue but extensive funding would need to be found which could run into many thousands of pounds. Mrs Nash agreed to research possible funding opportunities.

  1. Matters arising from last meeting

6.1 Mill Lane – vibration caused to houses. A further letter has been sent to highways suggesting the problem is caused by the uneven road surface and a request sent to re-lay the tarmac. A reply has been received from LCC stating that they are not considering any action to be taken as the unevenness of the tarmac is much less than the stipulated 40mm. They added that if residents can provide specific data demonstrating that the noise levels are above those legally acceptable they would look again at the road. Council agreed that all had been done that could be done by council and that the matter is closed as far as parish council is concerned although Clerk to contact the pollution team at Wyre council to request they investigate noise pollution.

6.2 A quote for refurbishing the bench on Preston Road has been requested, no reply has been received as yet.

6.3 Following on from a vehicle parking on Carrs Green, Will Scott has re-chained the access point and fixed the bollards. Unfortunately a person with bolt cutters has cut and removed the chain. Police have been informed of the criminal damage and have agreed to patrol the area when possible.

6.4 LCC have been asked for advice on road signage and referred council to a lengthy document about wording on signs and the fact that signs, equipment and location should be approved by them before giving permission to display. Project ongoing.

6.5 A Standing Orders document has been created and approved and is in place for council to work to.

6.6 Dog fouling notices have been posted on parish website and social media. Wyre have been asked to request Dog Warden to patrol although they stated they no longer employed Dog Wardens, but  Lead Environment Officer WBC has agreed to make a visit to the village for a review.

6.7 Bus shelter – LCC have been asked for permission to erect a bus shelter if and when one becomes viable. No reply as yet although it is expected that the same conditions apply as in minute 6 6.4

     7. Highways

7.1 Mill Lane vibrationSee minute 6 6.1.

7.2 The bollard at the end of the track bellmouth leading to Carr House Farm has been damaged. Cllr James requested that clerk write to Mr Porter (Carr House Farm) requesting him to put right the damage caused.

7.3 The corner of Pinfold Lane and Preston Road has permanent standing water caused by building waste being left by Create Homes on the site reserved for a shop. Clerk to write to WBC Planning/LCC highways to request action is taken against Create Homes to make good.

7.4 LCC have apologized for not having dealt with the tarmacked gully outside Pointer House as requested but will now deal with it as soon as possible.

  1. Planning

8.1 Cllr James reported that the parcel of land on Pinfold Lane adjoining that reserved for a shop has not been restored according to the plans submitted. It is enclosed with Heras fencing where a gate should have been erected. Clerk to write to planning to take action against Create Homes.

8.2 Planning permission has been granted for change of use from B2 to C2 in a private dwelling in St Michaels. Cllrs James feels this might set a precedent for future applications in village locations.  No action to be taken by council.

     9. Carrs Green

9.1 See minute 6.6.3

9.2 The information board on Carrs Green has not yet been repaired after being damaged during the flood, Cllr Danby to speak to Jonathan Newbold.

    10 .Defib check

10.1 As Cllr Berry is unavailable this month to carry out the check, a full check will be completed asap.

    11.  AOB

11.1 Parish council have taken delivery of a framed photograph of HRH King Charles III and would like to know if either of the Churches or the School would be interested in displaying it in their premises. Clerk to ask the Baptist Church if they would like to display it.

    12.Parish Admin

 12.1 The Clerk, as Responsible Financial Officer, presented to Council the preparation for audit to be passed to the internal auditor on 22nd April for sign off. The council certified themselves as exempt from a limited assurance review as the income and expenditure were both less than £25,000. Documents included dates for public rights to be published, accounting statement for approval, bank reconciliations made monthly, expenditure and income supported by appropriate bank statement and invoices. The asset register is up to date.  There were no significant risks.  Council were satisfied that effective financial management is in place with an effective internal control to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and signed Section 1 of the Annual Governance Statement 2023/24 acknowledging their responsibility for ensuring that there is a sound system of internal control, including arrangements for the preparation of the Accounting Statements. Vat reclaims have been made appropriately.  The website is compliant. No petty cash is held. Salaries were paid in accordance with council approval and the clerk has been registered as employed from 6th April 2024 (previously self-employed). Councillors agreed the presentation and it was signed off by Vice Chair Cllr Samantha Readyhough (acting Chair).

12.2 Wyre Council precept was received on 5th April, 2024. The payment was £12500 with a deduction of £4101.72 for election/poll expenses May 2023.

12.3 Cheques presented for signature:

Chq 1409 – W. A. Scott – Carrs Green barrier

Chq 1410 –  LALC – Annual Subscription

Chq 1411 – Zurich Insurance – Annual cover

Chq 1412 – Avast software security – Reimburse S Gilbert (auto renewal)

Chq 1413 – Reimburse S Gilbert – ink

Chq 1414 – Wages – S Gilbert

12.4 A direct debit mandate to HMRC was presented to council signature for the handling of PAYE payments deducted at source.