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January 2024 meeting minutes

January 2024 meeting minutes

February 16th, 2024

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 18th January, 2024 at YIPs Centre, Inskip



Cllr Carol Berry (CB) Chair

Cllr Samantha Readyhough (SR) Vice Chair

Cllr Geoff Carter (GC)

Cllr Nick Danby (ND)

Cllr Dean Faria (DF)

Cllr Phil James (PJ)

Cllr Peter Cartridge (PC) Wyre Council 

Clerk:  Susan Gilbert (SG)

Members of the Public:               





Parish Councillors; Joanne Porter (Wyre Council); Wyre Cllr Susan Catterall; Wyre Cllr Peter Cartridge; LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter


Meeting opened:            19:00

Meeting closed:               21.30


  1. Informal reception
  2. Open Forum
  3. Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday
  4. Matters arising from the last meeting
  5. Highways
  6. Planning
  7. Carrs Green
  8. Wyre in Bloom
  9. Defib check confirmation
  10. Parish council admin
  11. AOB


Next meeting Scheduled for:  Thursday 15th February, 2024.

Status:   APPROVED 

Chair: Cllr Carol Berry

Date:  15th Feb. 2024. 


  1. Informal reception


  1. Open Forum


2.1 Mr Dearnaley reported that footpaths 18,10 and 28 are all in need of repair/clearance .He reported a potential problem on the School Lane footpath, a cattle feeder has been placed near the access style which will make it unusable if cattle feed there in the summer. Cllr Carter offered to contact Mr Parkinson and Mr Catterall to ask to clear their footpaths and access. Cllr Berry offered to contact Mr Cooper regarding the gate on his land which appears to be stuck. Footpath 18 is scheduled to be cleared by W A Scott contractors. Clerk to report 10 and 28 to PROW.

2.2 Cllr Faria added that he had encountered problems with the Love Clean Street app and asked that this be reported to LCC.

2.3 A spokesperson, Mr Hogarth, representing many other residents in the Manor Road/North Drive/South Drive area reported that there at least 12 objections to a planning application for change of use (C3 to C2)for a property on North Drive to become a care home for 2 young people requiring specialized care. They are aware that dissatisfaction has been caused by this type of care home in other areas and nearby villages.  They also considered the devaluation of their properties. The residents suggested that the least they should expect is a lowering of the council tax band. Cllr Cartridge stated that he would register their complaint on their behalf and the residents agreed that would be acceptable. He also advised that the group appeal against the application as a whole instead of individually. Cllr Cartridge offered to leave his contact details for the residents. Cllr James advised that the website  wyre.gov.uk/childrenshomesguidance would offer a lot of guidance and advice.  He also advised that ownership of the property has not yet passed to the planning applicant and therefore the sale has not yet been finalized. Mr Hogarth requested council support for their opposition to this application to which council agreed.

2.4 Claire Nash reported that the drains at YIPs were blocked.  Cllr James explained that the drains belonged to YIPs and were therefore their responsibility.  Cllr Cartridge asked that she send an email to him and he would look into it for YIPs and Mrs Nash agreed to liaise with Cllr Cartridge and United Utilities to resolve who was responsible for which part of the drainage system at the point of the blockage.

2.5  Mr Delaney asked whether the flood warning signs on Woods Lane were adequate and stated that drivers doing 3 point turns in the dark in flooded water is extremely dangerous.  Cllr Berry stated that at a flood meeting a depth gauge was requested and that LCC should be available to close the road in the first instance.  Mr Delaney also stated that there is still remnants of the submerged vehicle still in the tank trap. He suggested a hazard barrier should be erected at the side of the road near the tank trap and a flood gate erected at the entrance to the road.  Cllr James suggested that the flooding problem appears to exist on the other side of the road opposite the tank trap and hopefully this would be investigated during the section 19 survey taking place in February.  Clerk to write to LCC again and request that the signage be revised and a site meeting be arranged to discuss. 

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Approved as read


  1. Matters arising from the last meeting


4.1 Wyre council have supplied “no litter“ signs which clerk presented to pc. One of the signs to be positioned near the school where a resident had complained of dog fouling. The request for extra litter bins was refused due to lack of funds but details were provided where they could be purchased at a cost of £450+vat each. If purchased, Wyre agreed to empty. Council agreed to purchase 2.

4.2 No further progress has been made regarding the acquisition of outdoor gym equipment but the Newsletter recently produced has called for comment from residents.

4.3 The dummy police officer borrowed from Lancashire Constabulary has been destroyed by an arsonist. The fire brigade attended and the local police have been informed. The incident was posted on FB but nobody has come forward to give information. Clerk to check insurance policy to see if it is covered.

4.4 Highways Department were asked to repaint the white lines but replied stating that they did not think they were in a condition poor enough to warrant repainting.

4.5 The Headteacher of St Peters School has been contacted with suggestions to curb problem parking on Scholars Chase. No reply has been received.

4.6 A meeting was held on 4th December with Cllr Salter, Environment Agency and United Utilities to discuss flooding on Woods Lane. Following a car being submerged in the tank trap in December, photographs were captured and PC have now received replies from both Lancashire County council and Ben Wallace MP advising that a full drainage investigation is to take place early in the year after which they will be able to determine what remedial work is required.

4.7 A defibrillator has been acquired via match funding of £750 with London Hearts to be positioned at James Hall’s premises.

4.8 The request for a bus shelter in the village has been denied by LCC as the 74 bus route is not considered to be a major route. Council discussed siting a bus shelter at Wheatfields Road and discussed the merit of building our own. Cllr Carter agreed to make some local enquiries to see if a builder could be found to make a shelter.

4.9 Applications have been received from people interested in the lengthsman’s vacancy. Council agreed to interview applicants on the last Thursday in February at YIPs 7pm onwards. 

  1. Highways

5.1 Following advice received from a resident regarding the closure of Whittle Hill in Woodplumpton, a danger spot has been flagged up with HGVs turning into Woodplumpton from the B5269 and causing a potential hazard.  This has been included in the Newsletter to bring to the attention of residents. Parish council hold those responsible for designing/implementing this scheme to blame for any subsequent RTAs at this junction.

5.2 Mr Thompson at Pointer House has reported to parish council that LCC have removed the tarmac over a road gully just before the junction with Catforth Road on Pointer House side and re tarmacked over it again.  A different gully is blocked, near the junction with Woods Lane.  Clerk to report.


  1. Planning

6.1 Pad End Barn Pinfold Lane Inskip Preston PR4 0UA Retrospective planning permission for two storey domestic outbuilding. Parish council considered that the document submitted by the opponent of the planning permission application is so comprehensive that it was considered that there was sufficient objection without pc interjection.

6.2 Change of use from a dwelling to a care home for 2 young people – 1 North Drive, Inskip see above minute 2. 2.3

6.3 Proposal: Replacement access to the highway and new internal track Location: Pointer House Farm Carrs Green Inskip Preston PR4 0TJ council have no objection.

6.4  The helicopter hanger at Wyre Hall has been approved.

6.5  Carrs House farm – Cllr James stated the plans submitted to Preston Council for approval are still incorrect.  The bellmouth is now smaller and the passing places shown on the plans do not exist.  Clerk to write to Preston Planning informing that the amended site plan is incorrect and advise that no approach has been made to council by the applicant to allow residents to use Council land for the storage and collection of bins. 

  1. Carrs Green 

7.1 Will Scott has completed the work reducing the size of the bellmouth on Carrs Green track and utilized the stone around the tractor on Preston Road where it has become boggy. Further work will continue on the footpaths when the weather is drier.

7.2 The information board on Carrs green was damaged when Woods Lane became flooded. Jonathan Newbold has offered to repair. 

  1. Wyre in Bloom

Nothing to report. 

  1. Defib check confirmation 

9.1 Checked, all OK.

9.2 A further defibrillator installed on Preston Road. 

  1. Parish council admin
    • A precept amount of £12500 has been requested of Wyre council
    • Election costs amounted to £4101
    • Cheques presented for signature:

Chq 1395 – Donation to Nightsafe (A Maxfield charity)

Chq 1396 – CJB Electrical – repairs to outdoor switch at YIPs

Chq 1397 – London Hearts – match funding for Defibrillator

Chq 1398 – Avast Software – driver updater

Chq 1399 – Moulton printing – Newsletter.

Chq 1400 –  W A Scott – groundworks

Chq 1401 –  Cannon Inks- printer ink

Chq  1402 – S Gilbert – wages 

  1. AOB

11.1 A request has been received from YIPs to fund the purchase of picnic benches for outside the centre. Cllr Cartridge agreed to put an application for funding in for YIPs.

11.2 A Newsletter has been produced and councillors agreed to distribute it to residents.

11.3 Cllr Faria requested permission to apply for a warm spaces grant, Council had no objection.