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November 2023 meeting minutes

November 2023 meeting minutes

January 19th, 2024

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 16th November, 2023 at YIPs Centre, Inskip



Cllr Carol Berry (CB) Chair

Cllr Samantha Readyhough (SR) Vice Chair

Cllr Geoff Carter (GC)

Cllr Nick Danby (ND)

Cllr Dean Faria (DF)

Cllr Phil James (PJ)


Clerk:  Susan Gilbert (SG)


Members of the Public:               




Cllr Peter Cartridge


Parish Councillors; Joanne Porter (Wyre Council); Wyre Cllr Susan Catterall; Wyre Cllr Peter Cartridge; LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter


Meeting opened:            19:00

Meeting closed:               21.15


  1. Informal reception
  2. Open Forum
  3. Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday
  4. Matters arising from the last meeting
  5. Community Event
  6. Highways
  7. Planning
  8. Carrs Green
  9. Wyre in Bloom
  10. Defib check confirmation
  11. Parish council admin
  12. AOB


Next meeting Scheduled for:  Thursday 18th January, 2024.

Status:  APPROVED 

Chair: Cllr Carol Berry

Date: 18th January, 2024



  1. Informal reception

Member of the public present – 6


  1. Open Forum

2.1 Mr Dearnaley stated that the public footpaths he has previously reported as being in disrepair have not yet been repaired, although these have been reported to PROW. Clerk to write to Duncan Cooper to ask if he has responsibility for the gate which is locked and if not, does he know who has.  Also Thomas Catterall at Toad Hall for the style which is broken.  Cllr Faria stated that at a recent conference, PROW stated that they would supply signs with footpath directions.  A discussion took place whether Inskip had missing footpath signs and it was decided that there were possibly six or seven.  Mr Dearnaley offered to investigate and report which signs were missing.

2.2 A member of the public asked whether something could be done with overgrown trees at the church which were overhanging onto his land. Cllr Faria said he would supply contact details for Rick Williamson who is responsible at the church and also Ryan Gosling from Wyre Council, Tree Management. 

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Approved as read

  1. Matters arising from the last meeting

4.1 A meeting was held by Cllrs Berry and Danby with John Bettle of Wyre Council to determine whether more litter bins could be supplied to Carrs Green. Mr Bettle explained that there was not funds to supply but could provide information/”no litter” signs and would investigate a price for PC to supply bins and Wyre to empty. He also added that any substantial information regarding fly tipping should be sent directly to Mr Bettle who would personally help. Clerk has not yet received the information and would follow up.

4.2 Following Cllr Faria’s suggestion to provide outdoor gym equipment, clerk explained that she had spoken to PC’s insurance company and Wyre’s Insurance department. Zurich insurance was unable to give a quotation for the premium until more information was available and Wyre stated that they could not insure equipment that they did not own.  Clerk has spoken with the Wyre Council Community Engagement Officer who was willing to assist council with an application for funding from another source but does not offer funding themselves. She pointed out that the first step was to measure the degree of interest from the community as a basis for an application. Cllr Faria stated the following an informal poll on FB of the 96 who responded -80 in favour, 16 against. Cllr Readyhough added that the children at YIPs aged between 9-14 gave ideas of what sort of equipment they would like and why.  Cllr Faria offered to draft a letter to circulate around the residents of Nelson Gardens and School Lane to assess possible opposition/agreement to the scheme. Cllr Berry suggested that a Newsletter be created as soon as possible so that a firm response is received from the whole village.  A complaint has been received from a resident in Nelson Gardens who is against this suggestion, based mainly on lighting that might be used during the evening.    Claire Nash suggested that lights might be used in the MUGA during winter nights.  It was agreed we would look around at what other councils did so that we would have something to consider and ultimately request planning, if agreed.

  1. Highways

5.1 Cllr James asked whether the “dummy police officer” currently situated on Lodge Lane, Elswick could be employed in Inskip.  Cllr Berry agreed to make a request for the “dummy”.   Cllr Berry said that she would publicise the portal which was available for the public to report speeding, the results of which would be monitored and reacted to.

5.2 Cllr James also requested that council request Highways Department to repaint the white lines on the roads around the village. Clerk to write to highways.  Cllr Berry also reported that a meeting was being planned with Peter Cartridge and Lancashire Road Safety to discuss various options and that she would bring up the subject with them.

5.3 Parking at the School was an ongoing problem.  Clerk to write to Headteacher asking them to put out cones every morning and every evening to prevent cars parking on Scholars Chase and Preston Road.  Another suggestion would be a “walking bus” from St Peters Church to School, with permission from the Church, for parents to drop off pupils at the church. 

  1. Planning

PC have been informed of the following planning applications:

6.1 Proposal: Erection of a domestic outbuilding for storage of private helicopter Location: Wyre Hall, Brierley Lane, Inskip with Sowerby, Preston. Council had no objection.

6.2 Proposal: Proposed extension of existing commercial building for storage, including widening of the existing site access on to Lewth Lane and creation of a turning area for HGVs. Location: Hoofcount Site Off Lewth Lane Catforth Preston PR4 0TE. Council had no objection

6.3 Re-application to Preston Planning for change of use from agricultural to private dwelling at Carr House farm, Carrs green Inskip. Council had objection on the grounds of passing places on the track not being in existence, as per the application. Clerk to object to Preston Planning.

6.4 Planning application for White House Farm has been dismissed. 

  1. Carrs Green

7.1 Cllr Berry stated that Cllr Salter has arranged a meeting on Carrs Green for 4th December (1pm) to discuss flooding and would also like Mr Thompson, Mr Graveson and Cllr James to attend.  Cllr James to arrange with Mssrs Thompson and Graveson. 

  1. Wyre in Bloom

8.1 Claire Nash reported that she had discussed with Andrew Maxfield about extending the flower beds for next year.   The Wyre in Bloom group consists of eight people who are very eager to re configure the beds in the near future.  Claire will speak to the Bowling Club when available to see whether there are any objections to starting a communal garden at the side of the entrance to the Bowling Club. Claire is also looking to start a funding scheme to get the project off the ground. 

  1. Defib check confirmation

9.1 All checked and confirmed OK. Discussion was raised by Cllr Berry whether another defib could be placed at Jim Hall’s unit as he had raised the question of one being available in his industrial area.   Clerk to investigate cost and possible “share” of financial cost with Mr Hall. 

  1. Parish council admin 

10.1 Cllr Berry opened the discussion regarding application for Precept from Wyre Council for the year 2024/25. In 2017 the precept that parish council received was £10,000 for the year and in 2023 the figure was £11359, an increase of only £1359 in a six year period. In this six year timeframe the parish council made a conscious effort to maintain a low level of increase per household even though more properties were contributing to the precept, resulting in a negative percentage increase per household. The intention was to keep the figure as low as possible for residents so that they could benefit from new houses being built, as CIL money (community investment levy for new housing developments) was not available to Inskip. It was decided that the precept to be requested in 2024/25 should be £12500 to cover increased running costs of the parish as set out in budget forecast presented by the Clerk. 

10.2 The following Cheques were presented for signature:

Chq 1390 – Alan Lingard – WIB expenses

Chq 1391 – CJB Electrical – repairs to YIPs car park lights

Chq 1392 – YIPs room hire – support for 2 x start up groups (Stay and Play/Village Kitchen)

Chq 1393 – S Gilbert – Wages

Chq 1394 – A Maxfield – Lengthsman’s Expenses


  1. AOB

11.1 Cllr Readyhough asked whether bus shelters could be provided.   A request has been made of LCC without any response.  Clerk to follow up.

11.2 Cllr Faria suggested that Community Payback be re-contacted again in the Spring when the vegetation is growing with a view to weeding around the roadside and pavements.

11.3 Cllr Carter agreed to ask Carl Bass to re-connect the power supply to the tree at YIPs to erect Christmas Lights.

11.4 Council was very disappointed to learn that Andrew Maxfield has decided to retire as lengthsman.  Council was informed that he and Karen have suffered a death in their family. Clerk to send a condolence card and also a letter of thanks for his service for many years.  Also a notice in INFOCUS thanking him for his service and advertising the post.