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Minutes of meeting held 20th July 20233

Minutes of meeting held 20th July 20233

August 25th, 2023

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 20th July 2023 at YIPs Centre, Inskip



Cllr Carol Berry (CB) Chair

Cllr Samantha Readyhough (SR) Vice Chair

Cllr Nick Danby (ND)

Cllr Dean Faria (DF)

Cllr Phil James (PJ)


Clerk:  Susan Gilbert (SG)


Members of the Public:               



Cllr Geoff Carter, Cllr Peter Cartridge, Cllr Susan Catterall.



Parish Councillors; Joanne Porter (Wyre Council); Wyre Cllr Susan Catterall; Wyre Cllr Peter Cartridge; LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter


Meeting opened:            19:00

Meeting closed:               22.00



  1. Informal reception
  2. Open Forum
  3. Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday 15th June 2023
  4. Matters arising from the last meeting
  5. Community Open Evening
  6. Highways
  7. Planning
  8. Carrs Green
  9. Wyre in Bloom
  10. Defib check confirmation
  11. Parish council admin
  12. AOB



Next meeting Scheduled for:  24th August, 2023 at CARRS GREEN

Status:   APPROVED


Chair:  Carol Berry

Date: 20th July, 2023




  1. Informal reception


  1. Open Forum


  1. 2 Derby Crescent – the hedge is still overhanging the footpath and pedestrians would struggle to pass although it has been trimmed. Mr Tom Hastey reported that the time has come for more determined action to be taken by the home owners nearby. He mentioned the unsightly appearance of the house, the parking, the destruction of the grass verges and the use of the house for business use causing noise pollution and disturbance.  Mr Hastey suspects that the landlords may be in fear of the tenant as the house is in a state of very poor repair and nothing has been done by them to amend.  The fact that no action has been taken by Wyre, Lancashire County Council or Parish council is unacceptable, said Mr Hastey.  Mr Hastey stated that at this time the residents of the properties nearby are living in hell.  Cllr Berry asked the public what they wanted council to do?  Mr Hastey proposed a plan to request Wyre Enforcement to attend a meeting.  Council agreed to write to Mr Michael Vincent (Wyre) Cllr Cartridge (Wyre) Mr Salter (LCC) and Lancashire Police, and the Landlord to arrange a meeting with PC and residents.  Cllr James asked that any evidence be supplied to PC, Mr Hastey asked that the clerk attend a meeting with him to take details of the evidence he holds.  Cllr Berry asked that all complaints be made on the anti social behavior app.  A meeting should be held as soon as possible.


  1. Mr Dearnaley raised an issue with Footpath no 18 which runs over Carrs Green as it is totally overgrown. It was agreed that this would be inspected at our next meeting on 24th August at Carrs Green.


  1. A resident thanked council for setting up the new PC Facebook, membership was now 71


  1. Claire Nash mentioned that Cllr Cartridge had quickly arranged a grant for a YIPs young persons outside visit from Baines Trust and wished to thank him


  1. Mrs Faria asked that now that the village has grown would it be within the rules for more councillors to be brought into council. Council did not know the answer to this and it was decided that contact be made with Joanne Porter for direction.


  1. A resident asked whether or not a reply has been received about speeding wagons from DPS. It was confirmed that it had and that it was positive. A resident said that he was still experiencing shaking of houses and that a meeting will be set up with Ben Wallace’s agent, date to be arranged. Cllr Berry reported that she has a meeting arranged with Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner on 25th July next and this will be brought up them.  Mr Hastey said that this village is not suitable for speed humps and it was explained that this was not planned to be an option for Inskip.


  1. A resident suggested that modern “Welcome to Inskip” signage could be erected at the edges of the village. “Inskip welcomes safe drivers” was also suggested.  All suggestions would be welcome and the public were asked to send them in.


  1. A resident said that they would like to know when cycle races/ running races were going to take place so that they can be avoided. Cllr Danby suggested that we could write to Fylde Cycling Club for advanced warning of organised races. Cllr James commented that notice is not given to tractor rallies.


  1. A resident mentioned that the sides of Woods Lane was suffering subsidence. Cllr Berry mentioned that she was pleased to see that Woods Lane does not seem to be suffering flooding yet.


  1. A resident mentioned that Pinfold Lane is very rough in places and Cllr Berry asked that the clerk write to Highways to ask when and what plans they have for resurfacing.


  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting 

Approved as read


  1. Matters arising from the last meeting
    • The track leading to Carr House Farm has received work from the owner of Carr House farm. Solicitors acting for PC have been informed as the work was ineffectual and pictures have been taken and sent to the solicitor. The case is ongoing.
    • The net for the tennis equipment is now in place. The combination to the lock should be available and printed on the sign. YIPs offered to make the sign.
    • Letters have been sent to some residents whose hedges are overgrowing the pavements on the main roads and council are pleased to say that they have reacted positively.
    • DPS have responded to a letter sent to them by pc asking them to advise their drivers and suppliers to drive more slowly on Inskip roads. The reply was positive.
    • LCC have been informed of the complaints received from residents regarding the weakness of the bridge on Mill Lane (Dead Dam Bridge). No action has so far been advised.
    • A meeting was held with Cllr Berry and Cllr James with Ms Burns, who had complaints about an industrial unit next to her property. This is a complex complaint and the situation is ongoing.
    • An Inskip with Sowerby Parish Council Facebook page has been set up and so far the membership is increasing rapidly.
    • Complaints received regarding 2 Derby Crescent are ongoing. LCC, Wyre, Lancashire Police have all been informed about this.   Anti social behavior forms have been completed by some residents. Working on the driveway and careless parking are the main causes of complaint.  See Open Forum 2.1 above.
    • Wyre Open Space survey has been completed with reference to the equipment on the multi use games area and also a request for a village green.
    • Complaints regarding parking over driveways in Scholars Chase have been investigated by Police and surveillance is ongoing. As it is currently the holiday break this will continue in September.
    • Clerk asked whether or not the space for storing a filing cabinet and fire safe at YIPs was now ready for use by pc it was confirmed that it is not but will be in the near future.
    • Ben Wallace MP has acknowledged receipt of letter regarding increased frequency at HMS Inskip but has not yet provided the information requested.
    • Carl Bass has provided an estimate for the update of the car park lights at £277. Clerk to inform him to do the work.
    • The commemorative bench for Ms Mary Beetham has yet to be erected at YIPs. John Fox and Cllr Faria to arrange.


  1. Community Open evening
    • Council are planning an open evening on 27th Sept 6-9pm at YIPs, Nelson Gardens and are encouraging people from the village to attend. The event will include Communication with the residents,  CPR and defib training, LCC Safe Trader Scheme, Cosy Homes Scheme, Mental Health and Wellbeing Information, Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, “Net Zero – a community response”, Police in attendance to answer any questions, refreshments available and all welcome and will be published on all media platforms including website.  The public were asked to pass the word amongst neighbours and friends. 
  1. Highways
    • Woods Lane – Council have written to LCC Highways and Cllr Matthew Salter asking them to confirm that the Armco is acceptable during flood times. A positive reply has been received.
    • Council have written to LCC Highways and Cllr Matthew Salter asking them to locate the 30mph sign further down Preston Road to safeguard the houses on that stretch of road. A reply was received urging residents to use OPsnap . Link is posted on Inskip with Sowerby website.
    • Traffic calming measures are being discussed with Cllr Peter Cartridge and council are taking advice from residents.



  1. Planning

7.1 An objection has been re- lodged by council against planning application for Carr House Farm – change of use from agricultural to dwelling.  No further information yet.


7.2 White House Farm have lodged an appeal with the Secretary of State for reconsideration of planning permission for change of use from agricultural to dwelling.



  1. Carrs Green
    • Many thanks were given to Mr Andrew Maxfield (lengthsman) for his work strimming the boardwalks and around the lifebelt on Carrs Green. He said that he did not want to be responsible for this area in the future. Cllr Berry suggested we make a calendar of events for maintenance of the green. Cllr Berry said that at Mike Ainsworth’s funeral it was suggested that a plaque/sign be erected on the green in memory of Mike who did so much to help transform Carrs Green.   Cllr James asked about the potential to reintroduce grazing using new technology and it was agreed to look into the prospect. 


  1. Wyre in Bloom
    • Many thanks were given to Mr Alan Lingard and his team of volunteers for the work they did in planting and making the village ready for the Wyre in bloom judging. Cllr Berry, Cllr James and Mr Lingard met the judges on 4th  Results in September.


  1. Defib check confirmation
    • All Ok. The lengthsman has reported that he is not comfortable removing the weeds from the defib at the Derby Arms as this would be trespassing, Cllr Berry confirmed that she had done this work herself.


  1. Parish council admin
    • The following items were presented for payment during the month of July:


Chq 1366 – Meeting name plates

Chq 1367 –  Lambrigg Nurseries (plants)

Chq 1368 –  Yips room hire (6th July)

Chq 1369 –  Winzip file suite

Chq 1370 –  Willow Roll (Claire Nash)

Chq 1371 –  Flower Seeds (Claire Nash)

Chq 1372 – Tennis box lock (Claire Nash)

Chq 1373 – Tennis net box (Claire Nash)

Chq 1374 –  Wages (S Gilbert)

Chq 1375 –  Expenses (A Maxfield)

  • Cllr Berry has compiled a “Lessons Learned” Document relating to the May Election and has circulated this to all candidates and the clerk. The agreement was made that the recommendations arising from this exercise be kept on file for action in the future.


  1. Election rules should be obtained, and the clerk, parish councillors and new candidates should adhere to them.
  2. The parish council should actively publicise an upcoming election and invite potential candidates to contact the clerk and attend at least one meeting.
  3. The parish council should include the election on the agenda for 2 to 3 meetings prior to the election to assist candidates’ applications.
  4. Candidates should declare their intention to stand for election to the clerk and new candidates can then be included in communications about the election.
  5. Candidates are responsible for their own canvassing. Fliers or information about candidates should be posted on the parish council website if requested.
  6. A social media policy should be drafted and adhered to.
  7. The parish council should be inclusive and nurture interest in the election.


  • Enquiries have been made from Natwest to open a Liquidity Manager Notice 90 day account for the transfer of surplus cash in the current account, details were given to councillors and the decision was made to transfer £20,000, all signatures to be attached to the account 
  1. AOB


12.1 Cllr Peter Cartridge has sent the following Ward report for the interest of the parish council:

1) Re: YIPS 

I was approached by Claire Nash about looking into a grant towards part-funding an outdoor centre visit by Young Inskip People. I submitted a bid to the Baines Trust and I’m happy to say that they’ve agreed to make a £500 donation. I’d like to thank all the volunteers in the village who’ve worked hard to arrange this visit, it’s a great opportunity for the young people in their care.  

2) Re: Create Homes  

I recently issued the following update to residents on social media: 

“I’ve received an update regarding the roads at St Petersfield. Here are the main points from Create’s contractor: A visit was made to the to the development this afternoon. They state that all remedial works are now complete and as of yesterday they received sign off from LCC Highways. This just leaves a final UU inspection that they are hoping to be in receipt of next week. On that basis,  they have requested the next availability of the Tarmac paving machine that is required for the highways work. Once this date is confirmed, a further update will be issued with dates and which areas will be done when”. 

It is my understanding that I will continue to work with Create as part of their wider communication strategy. 

 ) Re: Direct Poultry  

I wrote to the company, highlighting residents’ concerns about reports of speeding vehicles using the depot. I received a response in line with that received by the PC. 

 4) Re: Meeting with the Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, Andrew Pratt. 

I have arranged a meeting with Andrew Pratt on the 25th July 23 (AM) at the Grt Ecc Village Centre – purely as this is the central location in the ward. In her capacity as PC Chair, Cllr. Carol Berry has been invited to attend as a spokesperson to represent your thoughts on addressing speeding and other priorities for Inskip. I’d be grateful if you could perhaps give this some thought during your meeting. I shall forward the precise arrangements to Carol as soon as possible. 

 4) Re: 2 Derby Cresent  

I have spoken to Nick Clayton (Environmental Health Officer) at Wyre Borough Council. So far, there are no environmental health concerns and investigations have found no evidence of a business operating from the address. Several vehicles are owned by the resident. However, there are ongoing investigations. Wyre Borough will be in contact in due course. Matters relating to the highway, please direct to Cty Cllr M Salter.  

Notable other matters: I believe Cllr. James has been given an update regarding the determination of public space nr St Petersfield. I am also going to meet an Inskip resident a week tomorrow to discuss a problem with sewage (as highlighted in a recent Your Inskip Facebook post). 


12.2 Cllr Faria volunteered to contact Community Payback Scheme regarding weeding the roadside edges.


12.3 Clerk to request Wyre to rep-paint the swings on the play area.


12.4 Cllr Berry mentioned “start up” community groups which YIPs are launching and it was agreed an amount of 6 x £20 per session (£120) be donated to YIPs for room hire to get a group going and therefore assess whether or not the group would be viable for future attendance.


12.5 Parish council have become aware that some houses in Inskip to not receive copies of “INFOCUS” and are trying to address this.