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Recent Flooding

Recent Flooding

August 9th, 2023

Inskip with Sowerby Parish Council are very concerned with the level of flooding experienced in the village and surrounding area on 23rd July and have written to local authorities to ask for intervention/advice to prevent future flooding to this extent.  Clearly the level of rain experienced over those few days was immense and we hope that these levels will not be experienced again.   However, the Highways Team at Lancashire County Council have replied to our concerns by email and here is a short extract from their comprehensive reply:

We are sorry to hear of difficulties residents recently experienced following the heavy rainfall, we appreciate this must have been very alarming for those affected.
Our records show we are aware Beech House, Catforth Lane, was flooded, and our Flood Risk management team will attempt to make contact with the residents here to obtain more information about their experience in the next few days, if they have not already done so. If you are aware of  other residents who suffered flooding to their homes, we would be grateful if they would encourage those affected to make their reports to us so that we can monitor the picture that is building up of where extra investment in drainage systems might be most worthwhile. We can accept telephone reports made to our support team on 0300-123-6780 during working hours, alternatively we have an online record sheet on our website Here which the residents may complete and return.
We have received many reports relating to standing water on the local roads, as you may be aware, highway drainage systems are installed to capture surface water run-off to alleviate flooding and protect the fabric of the road. All our highway drainage systems flow into sewers, or local watercourses (and ultimately into rivers and then the sea). Periods of exceptionally heavy rain can overwhelm any highway drainage system. However, this does not always suggest an underlying problem. It can simply be because the volume of water exceeds the system capacity for a time. We do rely on watercourses being in good order for our drains to be effective. If they reach capacity, water can back up and discharge onto the highway. This then pools around the gully, flooding the highway.
Nonetheless,  due to the extent of the flooding in the area we have arranged to inspect the drainage systems  in the vicinity of Woods Lane and Catforth Road, in order to establish if there are any problems with same. If we do identify any issues, we will order the necessary remedial works. We aim to carry out our inspection as soon as practically possible.

Please may we ask that all flooding reports are made to LCC to maximise the impact.