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Minutes of meeting June 2023

Minutes of meeting June 2023

July 21st, 2023

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 15th June 2023 at YIPs Centre, Inskip



Cllr Carol Berry (CB) Chair

Cllr Samantha Readyhough (SR) Vice Chair

Cllr Phil James (PJ)

Cllr Geoff Carter (GC)

Cllr Nick Danby (ND)

Cllr Dean Faria (DF)


Cllr Peter Cartridge, Wyre Council


Clerk:  Susan Gilbert (SG)


Members of the Public:               






Parish Councillors; Joanne Porter (Wyre Council); Wyre Cllr Susan Catterall; Wyre Cllr Peter Cartridge; LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter, Maureen Neild


Meeting opened:            19:00

Meeting closed:               21.30




  1. Informal reception
  2. Open Forum
  3. Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday
  4. Matters arising from the last meeting
  5. Highways
  6. Planning
  7. Carrs Green
  8. Wyre in Bloom
  9. Defib check confirmation
  10. Parish council admin
  11. AOB



Next meeting Scheduled for:  20th July 2023



Chair:  Carol Berry

Date:   20th July 2023


The meeting was opened with a minute’s silence to remember our friend and colleague Mike Ainsworth who sadly passed away on 14th June 2023



  1. Informal reception


  1. Open Forum


A disabled resident stated that the new development of Hamlet Close etc has no footpaths, or signage for blind/disabled people.  Also the drainage system on the development is not good and that this can overflow.  Cllr James stated that most housing developments since 1980s have no footpaths and that the grassed area are known as service strips.  Regarding the gullies, they will be deliberately blocked until the roads are finished so they do not fill up with rubbish.  Cllr Cartridge added that he had a lot of dealings with Create Homes in the last six months and that he has had the drains on his “snag list”.  LCC will evaluate the finish within about 12 months of completion.   The resident also mentioned the footpaths on Manor Road which are in a poor condition.


A resident complained about the hedge belonging to 2 Derby Crescent.  Cllr Cartridge explained that Wyre had been to have a look but the problem lay with LCC and he would contact them accordingly.


A resident suggested that speed limits should be 20 not 30 mph on residential roads off Preston Road, as in some other villages.


A resident stated that heavy goods vehicles were exceeding 30mph.  These drivers were in the main foreign drivers.  Cllr Berry stated that Clerk would write to DPS.


The reinstatement of the bridge following the laying of the sewer pipe is not sufficient.  It was agreed that LCC be informed of the weak suspension of the bridge when heavy lorries go over the bridge at high speed.  A lorry went over the bridge at 2pm today and made the bridge shake. Dutch number plate logo red and green, 38 tonner, left hand drive which has been reported to DPS.


Cllr Cartridge suggested reporting the situation to Lancashire Road Safety organisation.


A resident stated that in his opinion PC has a legal obligation to look after the interests of Ms Burns who has had an industrial unit built next to her property without planning permission.  He provided photos and documents of the case he was putting forward.  Cllr Cartridge promised to take up the case and report back to Ms Burns.  Cllr Berry asked for Ms Burns to provide a telephone number so we could keep in touch.


Claire Nash stated that she was interested in starting a Toddler Group, Knit and Natter, Book Club, Health and Wellbeing groups etc at YIPs.   Anything to get the community involved.  Would PC be willing to pay for room hire for these clubs?  Cllr Berry suggested that PC pay for the first few sessions to see whether there was any take up in these clubs.


A resident suggested that a Newsletter contained an invitation for residents to sponsor a session for the above.


A resident complained about the parking in Derby Crescent and was concerned that an ambulance would be unable to park in an emergency.   Clerk to write to LCC to advise hedge is overhanging the path and occupier unwilling to cut it.


Mr Brian Dearnaley asked whether or not LCC could be contacted again regarding clearing the footpath previously reported as blocked.  Clerk to write to LCC again.



  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Approved as read.


  1. Matters arising from the last meeting


  • Tennis net box ordered, arriving Monday.
  • HMS Inskip – no reply from MOD or Ben Wallace
  • Car Park lights – Carl Bass estimate not received as yet.
  • Village event – Staysafe/defib lessons. LCC Trading standard can attend weekday evenings. A Newsletter will be created with ideas.
  • Website – now updated. A link to report issues more prominent was requested by a resident.
  • Email replies – an out of office message to be put on Clerks computer.


  1. Highways


5.1    Woods Lane – inspection by councilors. Cllrs met with John Thompson who is concerned that more flooding will take place in the future as a result of the road improvements.  As it is dry at the moment it is not sure whether this is the case.  Will Knowles has agreed to work on his side of the culvert and until this is done it is unclear whether the culvert has been cleared.    Ongoing.  Clerk to write to LCC to ask them to confirm in writing that the height of Armco is acceptable.


5.2  Cllr Danby reported that the 30mph signs should be moved to towards Hornby Lane.  Clerk to write to LCC.


5.3  Cllr James has been asked by a resident to request musical rumble strips in the village.  Cllr Berry stated that they were planning to look into traffic calming measures that would suit residents.


  1. Planning

6.1 Carr House Farm, Preston Road, Inskip – re-application of change of use from agricultural to dwelling.  An objection will be put in by PC.


  1. Carrs Green
    • Before the WIB judging strimming needs to be carried out alongside the boardwalks and around the lifesaver. Cllr Faria would discuss with Jonathan Palmer re volunteering.  Clerk to ask lengthsman to strim.





  1. Wyre in Bloom


  • Mr Alan Lingard reported (by email) that the plants have now been planted in the flower boxes and wished to pass on his thanks to everyone who helped. The bill for the flowers has been passed to Clerk for payment. Judging will take place on 4th July at 9.15am commencing at the tractor on Carrs Green.  Cllr James and Mr Lingard to meet the judges there. It would be appreciated if anyone living close by a planted area could water the plants if possible.  Spare plants have been handed to Gordon Humphreys to add to his collection of plants for sale.   Proceeds to YIPs


  1. Defib check confirmation

All OK.  Lengthsman to remove weeds around defib at Derby Arms.


  1. Parish council admin
  2. The following items were presented for payment:

Chq 1362 – YIPs room rental

Chq 1363 –  S Gilbert, wages

Chq 1364  – A Maxfield, lengthsman

Chq 1365 –  Open Spaces Society, subscription.


  1. Bank signatories are now in place with Natwest, including all current councilors.



  1. AOB


  • A communication has been received from Mr Robert Cooke who is trying to get banks to install cash machines in rural places. Cllr Berry is in receipt of this request and will cover this when then residents can be asked what they want.
  • Cllr Berry received a complaint from a resident regarding her neighbor’s anti-social behavior. Consequently a meeting was arranged on 2nd June with Cllr Peter Cartridge to address the complaint. Present at the meeting with Cllr Cartridge were Cllr Berry, Cllr Faria, Parish Clerk and the resident. Cllr Cartridge agreed to take on the complaint and set out a plan in dealing with it. Ongoing
  • Clerk received correspondence from a resident on Pinfold Lane explaining that a neighbour had erected a commercial building without planning permission. Cllr Berry and Cllr James planned to meet with the resident to see if they could help.
  • Mr Alan Lingard reported (by email) that the commemorative bench for Ms Mary Beetham had been collected and was ready to site. Clerk to request John Fox provide an estimate.
  • Mr Alan Lingard reported (by email) that he had a filing cabinet, two cardboard boxes and a fire safe belonging to PC that he would like it stored at a more appropriate place. As no-one had spare space, Council agreed to rent a safe storage space for the equipment from YIPS.
  • DD 80th Anniversary, June 2024 Nationwide Event. YIPs offered to take over this event which would be supported by Parish council.
  • Wyre Planning – Public Open Space Survey. Verification of Open Space map The  Appointment of Planning Ambassador confirmed as Cllr James.  Cllr James reported that he was not 100% sure that the details on the map were correct and would investigate.  Cllr Cartridge requested a screen shot of the area in question, Clerk to send.
  • A resident has complained about parking outside the school and blocking his driveway entrance. Clerk to ask PCSO to make an appearance around school times.
  • A resident who works for LCC stated that Paul Rigby is our Lancashire Parish champion who has a budget of £10,000 to support projects and initiatives within his area. She agreed to keep council informed of any information that would be helpful to the village.
  • Cllr Readyhough raised the question of having a Facebook Page for Parish council. She explained that other parish councils and Wyre do have their own facebook page.  It was agreed that Inskip PC would have a facebook page where only council could post on the page and commenting could be turn off.