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Minutes of meeting March 2023

Minutes of meeting March 2023

April 21st, 2023

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 16th March at the Baptist Church Hall, Preston Road, Inskip



Cllr Phil James (PJ – Chair)

Cllr Carol Berry (CB)

Cllr Geoff Carter (GC)

Cllr Alan Lingard (AL)

Cllr Nick Danby (NG)


Clerk:  Susan Gilbert (SG)


Members of the Public:               





Cllr Martin Delaney, Cllr Catterall. PCSO Creighton



Parish Councillors; Joanne Porter (Wyre Council); Wyre Cllr Susan Catterall; Wyre Cllr Peter Cartridge; LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter


Meeting opened:            19:00

Meeting closed:               21.30



  1. Open Forum for the general public
  2. Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday 16th February, 2023
  3. Matters arising from the last meeting
  4. Highways
  5. Planning
  6. Carrs Green
  7. Financial Matters
  8. Wyre in Bloom
  9. Any other business



Next meeting Scheduled for:  Thursday 20th April 2023 at 7pm








  1. Open Forum
  • Mr Brian Dearnaley raised an issue that footpath 28 has been blocked by corrugated sheeting on the stile. Clerk has written to PROW for action.



  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – approved as read.


  1. Matters Arising


  • Road sign at the end of Pinfold Lane, LCC ordered sign not fitted yet.
  • Deersignage, agreed and ongoing. Clerk to follow up
  • Woods Lane resurfacing work, ongoing
  • Create Homes have offered a bench which was not fitting for the purpose, ongoing
  • Reply received from LCC regarding nature of work scheduled for Woods Lane, no further action
  • Commemorative bench for Ms Beetham, Cllr Lingard has sourced bench, ongoing. Clerk to order
  • A letter was sent to Ben Wallace MP asking him to overturn the decision to give Inskip Golf Club notice to quit.  Reply received, unable to overturn decision.
  • Bowling Club have not responded to invitation to discuss any improvement plans they have.
  • A letter has been sent to Wyre Council expressing disappointment with their decision not to pass on to Parishes the monies collected from Development Expansion. Letter acknowledged and comments lodged with Wyre Planning.  No further action.
  • Cllr Lingard offered to take tennis nets container to YIPs.
  • Concert Homes – problem with litter dropping seems to have ceased. No further action



  1. Highways
  • Work on Woods Lane has commenced.


  1. Panning


  • Correspondence has been sent to Wyre Planning asking them to check that Crossmoor is included in Inskip, they confirmed that it is although it seems to be unclear whether searches on the portal for Inskip are inclusive of Crossmoor. Still not showing on website correctly, Clerk to ask again
  • Application has been submitted for application to upgrade sewage treatment at Lodge Court. Cllr James declared an interest. Council has no objection.
  • Council noted that John Thompson has put in a planning application for a barn erection at Pointer House to replace an existing dilapidated barn. No objection from Council.
  • Permission has not been granted for the fourth dwelling at Carr House Farm by Preston Council









  1. Carrs Green
  • Highways have agreed to jet the blockage in the culvert in the Tank trap as soon as conditions are suitable.
  • Zurich Insurance have been asked to re-open case against the owner of Carr House Green farm, requesting reinstatement of the bell mouth to the track to which they have agreed.




  1. Financial Matters


Payments approved at the meeting:

A Maxfield – wages – chq 1350

S Gilbert – wages- chq 1349

S Gilbert – Driver software chq 1348

Classic Memorial Benches – memorial bench chq 1351

YIPs Street Party – contribution chq 1352




  1. Wyre in Bloom
  • Cllr Lingard reported that he would be happy to manage the Wyre in Bloom procedure to its conclusion this year, regardless of future Parish Council personnel.


  1. Any other business.
  • Inskip with Golf Club notice to quit has been extended until 31st August, 2023
  • YIPs are arranging a street party for the King’s coronation and have asked for a donation towards costs. Council agreed to contribute £250.


Defibrillator check:

  • Cllr Berry confirmed all OK