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Minutes January 2023

Minutes January 2023

March 17th, 2023

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 19th January 2023 at the Baptist Church Hall, Preston Road, Inskip


Cllr Phil James (PJ – Chair)

Cllr Geoff Carter (GC)

Cllr Martin Delaney (MD)

Cllr Alan Lingard (AL)

Cllr Nick Danby (ND)

Clerk:  Susan Gilbert (SG)

Members of the Public:               



Cllr Carol Berry, Cllr Peter Cartridge. Cllr Sue Catterall


Parish Councillors; Joanne Porter (Wyre Council); Wyre Cllr Susan Catterall; Wyre Cllr Peter Cartridge; LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter

Meeting opened:            19:00

Meeting closed:               21.00


  1. Open Forum for the general public
  2. Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday 17th November 2022
  3. Matters arising from the last meeting
  4. Highways
  5. Planning
  6. Carrs Green
  7. Financial matters
  8. Wyre in Bloom
  9. Any other business

Next meeting Scheduled for:  Thursday 16th February 2023 at 7pm

Status:  approved



  1. Open Forum
  2. Mr and Mrs Brian Dearnaley attended and donated to Council a copy of the public footpaths map in the area for which Parish Council are very grateful.
  3. Ms Tina Rothery, Zero Hour Campaign Group representing The Climate Ecology Bill attended.  The Climate and Ecology Bill is currently requesting support from all Parish Councils, and distributed printed reports for all members to study and will ask for support for Council to back the Bill  to make it law at it’s third reading through Commons. Their mission is to reverse the damage that the use of carbon has impacted on nature and the environment.  Council agreed to study the findings of her report. 
  4. PCSO 7393 Dan Martyn attended and highlighted some issues.  Door to door salesman have been present in the area purporting to be ex-offenders but are actually part of a company, and have been told to leave.  No burglaries have been reported.  An attempted number plate theft took place on Wentworth Drive, surveillance is being made around the school for careless parking.   Cllr James reported that building site workers are leaving litter after having lunch in their cars, PC Martyn explained that it was a civil offence to drop litter but would keep his eye out for this and make a complaint to the company, Concert Homes if he spotted workers violating.  He invited any residents to contact him via email 7393@lancashire.police.uk or ring PCSO Denise Creighton if they had any concerns.  Her number is 07929 713957
  • Minutes of Last Meeting – approved as read.
  • Matters Arising

Council took time to remember two dear friends and colleagues who had recently passed away.  Mr Jim Kings, ex Councillor of Inskip with Sowerby Parish Council and Mr Don Porteous, ex Clerk to the Parish Council.  Both will be sadly missed.

The Parish Clerk reported that all Actions had been cleared with the following exceptions:

  • Litter being dropped outside Concert Homes building site – no acknowledgement of complaint lodged by Clerk, police now looking at the area.
    • Deer Signage – ongoing, date is promised before end of March 2023.
    • Woods Lane – date set for March 2023.  LCC has been asked for an update on work earmarked.
    • Track to Carr House Farm, letter sent to Mr Porter advising 28 days to reinstate track.

         No reply, and no work carried out

  • Road sign at end of Pinfold Lane – ongoing.  Clerk to get update
    • Congestion outside School – police to make inspection
    • Blackpool transport re bus stop on Mill Lane – matter resolved although another complaint of a bus driver being difficult with passengers has arisen at the Bay Horse bus stop on Catforth Road.
    • Co-ordination of road closures.  A letter was sent to Highways District Lead office LCC indicating that recent road closures had impacted negatively on routes around Inskip and better co-ordination would be appreciated – reply received with promise to take Inskip into account
    • Letter to Wyre Council re monies from recent housing expansions – reply received, although contents did not suggest that the practice of Wyre Council not sharing revenue with Parishes would change.
    • Create Homes have agreed to supply a bench for Preston Road to replace the one they disposed of but say they are waiting for permission from Highways to site the bench. As the bench is more than 2metres away from the road, Cllr James pointed out that permission was not required. Clerk to write again to Create Homes pointing this out and requesting a timeframe
  • Highways
    • Following a meeting with EA re flooding on Woods Lane – LCC have now put a timescale on the drainage work to be carried out, March 2023.  Clerk has written to LCC requesting more information of the work that is earmarked.
    • Mr Dearnaley requested information about the complaint he made last year regarding footpaths 10 & 41 and whether the inspection took place by LCC as promised, was the barbed wire removed and the gates freed up.  Cllr Lingard said he would stop and investigate next time he was in the area.  Clerk to write to LCC again and ask for an update.
  • Planning
  • Preston Council has received a further application for change of use from agricultural to private

dwelling with the demolition of a dutch barn and outhouse for the erection of a fourth house  at Carr House Farm, following refusal of the first application. Parish Council object to this application on the grounds that the owner has neglected, as promised, to reduce the size of the bell-mouth of the track in line with title deeds and this is encouraging flytipping.  Further objections include the likelihood of refuse wheelie bins being permanently left at the roadside as the track is so long, and a potential blockage on Preston Road by residents at Carr House Farm parking whilst waiting for track to clear of an oncoming vehicle.  As the property has been virtually derelict for many years there will be more traffic from these houses than when it was a farm and the track to it, which is it’s sole access, will be a one car at a time operation.  Clerk to write to Preston Planning.

  • Application received by WC for extension to number of houses occupied before Green Space, pond etc is created by builders. Currently permission is 19 houses occupied, the request is for 26. Council had no objections.
  • Carrs Green
  • A meeting was held with the EA on 22nd November 2022, to investigate reduction of flooding
    • Head Teacher, St Peter’s School, re nature walks – no reply received up to date to the letter sent by Clerk inviting school trips to Carrs Green with guidance from Mr Malcolm Evans, although feedback from members of staff has been positive.
    • Lancashire Environment Fund poster supplied to mark the completion of the improvements to Carrs Green to be erected on Kissing Gate, Cllr Lingard to arrange.
  • Financial Matters – at this point members of the public left the meeting
  • Clerk reported the current account bank balance.
    • Precept has been claimed to Wyre Council
    • Budget will be prepared for 2023 in the near future, clerk invited members to offer spending projections. 
    • Payments approved at the meeting:

                            Chq 1342 – S Gilbert, Laminating Pouches

                            Chq 1343 – A Maxfield, Wages

                            Chq 1344 – S Gilbert, Wages

  • Wyre in Bloom
  • Cllr Lingard confirmed he would be attending the next meeting when dates were announced
  • Any other business
  • Defibrillator check: With the absence of Cllr Berry a check could not be reported.
    • Commemorative bench – Council agreed to provide a commemorative bench in memory of the late Mary Beetham who worked tirelessly in the interests of youth and sport in the village.   Cllr Lingard agreed to investigate procurement of the bench, which would be sited in the gardens outside YIPs
    • Cllr James has received complaints from a resident regarding dog fouling. This complaint has been echoed by many other residents.  The clerk has been made aware and has posted notices around the village and on Facebook asking people to report any sightings of bad practice to Wyre Council or to herself, for action, and the Dog Warden has been informed.