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Deer on the Common

Deer on the Common

May 8th, 2021

The Parish Council has been concerned for a long time about the speed of traffic crossing the Common in the direction of the village and have put forward numerous suggestions for traffic calming here. These have included asking the County Council whether they might install chicanes, speed bumps and rumble strips. Another idea is to ask LCC whether they might put up deer-warning signs on the Common as this might also help to reduce speeding. It certainly seems as though the number of deer on the Common has increased a lot in recent years and that means a greater chance of a serious road traffic accident – but the County Council will need hard evidence before committing and this is where members of the public can help. If you’ve seen deer on the Common please can you let either LCC Highways or the British Deer Society know with full details of your sighting including the date, time, location, species (which is most likely to be Roe Deer round here), number of deer and any other info you might have