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Improving Carrs Green

Improving Carrs Green

August 28th, 2020

Inskip-with-Sowerby Parish Council is working with the LANCASHIRE ENVIRONMENTAL FUND (LEF) and other local environmental groups to transform the ambiance of Carrs Green Common with money provided by the Landfill Communities Fund.

picture of pond

Over the next few weeks we will be re-instating a few ponds on the Common, which as they mature will provide fantastic environments for birds, bugs, and butterflies (or at least dragonflies). And we will be improving the footpath that crosses the Common from the northwest corner where it’s recently been opened out by putting in a boardwalk over the wettest area and laying down some aggregate.

picture of boardwalk

We know that it will be a bit of a building site for a short while but bear with us we think it will be a great improvement. Further steps over coming months will include:

• Providing bird feeders and bird watching screens;
• Clearing the banks of the “Tank Trap”;
• creating a circular walk from the village making use of the improved footpaths;
• Installing information panels that tell visitors what sort of things can be seen.

picture of information panel

You can find out more about LEF on the Fund’s Facebook page @lancsenvfnd or Twitter @LancsEnvFund or Instagram lancsenvfund