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Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the Year Ending 31st March 2020

Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the Year Ending 31st March 2020

July 27th, 2020

Inskip with Sowerby Parish Council

A notice of public rights and publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return of the Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2020 can be found here:


A copy of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) Part 2 including the AGAR Part 2 Certificate of Exemption, the Annual Internal Audit Report, the Annual Governance Statement, and the Accounting Statement for 2018/19 are appended:

Agar Part2 2019-20 final electronic version

In addition, the following information had already been made available on this website recorded in the minutes of the Inskip-with-Sowerby Parish Council AGM:

• Details of public land and building assets owned by the Parish Council:
1. Carr House Green Common, an area of open land at Carrs Green, Inskip covering 60.37 acres, purchased in 1955 for the sum of £5. A number of commoners have rights to graze this land;
2. Bowling Green and Pavilion on land leased from Wyre Council by the Parish Council.

• Details of all items of expenditure over £100:

18/04/2019Admin Costs£132.00
18/04/2019Admin Expenses£146.56
18/04/2019Village Maintenance£288.00
16/05/2019Admin Costs£192.00
16/05/2019Parish Council Insurance£582.58
16/05/2019Village Maintenance£288.00
20/06/2019Admin Costs£315.00
20/06/2019Village Maintenance£288.00
20/06/2019Wyre-in_Bloom Costs£378.00
20/06/2019Wyre-in_Bloom Costs£212.00
18/07/2019Admin Costs£126.60
18/07/2019Admin Expenses£116.36
18/07/2019Village Maintenance£288.00
15/08/2019Admin Costs£300.10
15/08/2019Village Maintenance£576.00
19/09/2019Admin Costs£243.00
19/09/2019Admin Expenses£201.26
19/09/2019Village Maintenance£288.00
17/10/2019Admin Costs£158.40
17/10/2019Village Maintenance£192.00
21/11/2019Admin Costs£227.00
21/11/2019Admin Expenses£128.04
21/11/2019Minor Maintenance£592.00
21/11/2019Village Maintenance£192.00
16/01/2020Admin Costs£377.62
16/01/2020Village Maintenance£384.00
20/02/2020Admin Costs£132.00
20/02/2020Village Maintenance£192.00
19/03/2020Admin Costs£132.00