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Parish Council meeting minutes – August 2018

Parish Council meeting minutes – August 2018

October 6th, 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on:  Thursday 16th August 2018 at Carrs Green, Inskip

Cllr Phil James (PJ – Chair)
Cllr Geoff Carter (GC)
Cllr Martin Delaney (MD)
Cllr Alan Lingard (AL)
Clerk:  Mike Ainsworth (MA)

Members of the Public: 2 members of the public were present

Apologies:  Cllr Carol Berry (CB)

Cc:  Parish Councillors

Meeting opened:  19:00
Meeting closed:  20:10


  1. Open Forum for the general public
  2. Carrs Green
  3. Any other business

Next meeting Scheduled for:  Thursday 20th September 2018 at 8pm

Chair: Cllr. Phil James
Date: 20th September 2018

1. Open Forum – a member of the public asked about the maintenance of public footpaths across the Common. The Parish Clerk advised that maintenance was a landowner’s responsibility. With regard to Footpath 15, which crosses the Common diagonally from the junction of Preston Road and Woods Lane Cllr. Lingard stated that the stile at the north-western end had been inaccessible for many years, and the Clerk confirmed that though the stile had existed 25 years ago the path it was unusable owing to the overgrown and flooded state of the land even then.

2. Carrs Green

2.1. The Parish Clerk reported that Mr. William Knowles had mown an area of the Common in July and removed the cuttings. Permission had been granted for him to cut further areas however the weather had since broken constraining such work. The Parish Clerk noted that a member of the Fylde Bird Club had expressed concern at the extent of cutting and also reported that Mr. Knowles had kindly removed some rubbish that had been dumped on the Common and it was suggested that a note of thanks be sent to him.

2.2. The Parish Clerk reported that he had been approached by the organiser of the Catforth Amble asking permission for the Amble to ride across the Common on Saturday 29th September and had agreed subject to the provision of the usual documentation.

2.3. Parish Councillors discussed the development of the Common. It was agreed that the next steps should be:

(i) Liaise with Myerscough College seeking advice and guidance on developing a strategy for the Common and practical assistance on realising same;
(ii) Call a meeting to consult with Commoners;
(iii) Call a public meeting.

2.4. It was noted that the owner of Carr House Farm had not kept his promise to revert the track to its former width. The Parish Clerk reported that he had chased up our solicitor, who is drafting a letter, and will circulate it for comment on receipt.

2.5. It was noted that Himalayan Balsam is now growing along a long stretch of the Tank Trap, however Cllr. Lingard stated that this was now commonplace along waterways and advised against taking action.

2.6. It was noted that a post supporting power lines was standing at a very precarious angle. The Parish Clerk took a photo so that ENW could be informed.

2.7. Parish Councillors inspected the new footbridge across the Tank Trap installed by Lancashire County Council. Cllr. James was concerned that pedestrians might slip on the approaches down to the bridge and it was proposed that a couple of posts and some 4 x 2 planking would provide a simple barrier to protect pedestrians.
Action 8.18/1 – MA to obtain quote for barriers to protect pedestrians accessing the footbridge across the Tank Trap

3. Any Other Business

3.1. Parish Councillors approved the following payments: Clerk salary; PAYE; Clerk expenses; Poppy Trail; Rental for land at Manor Road; Auditors fees; Lengthsman fees.

3.2. Annual audit completed with receipt of External Auditor Report and publication of notice.

3.3. A modification to the Wyre Local Plan is likely to be published for public consultation in September. It was agreed that Cllr. James would arrange for a copy of the documentation to be picked up from the Civic Centre. It was proposed that a newsletter detailing the latest proposed plans should be drafted.
Action 8.18/2 – MA to draft Parish Council newsletter

3.4. It was agreed that a poster advertising a charity, the Personal Support Unit, that supports clients representing themselves in court be placed on the Parish Noticeboards.