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Newsletter No. 16 – September 2018

Newsletter No. 16 – September 2018

August 24th, 2018

Public Examination of Wyre Local Plan
The Parish Council, along with the Inskip Residents Action Group (IRAG), attended Public Hearings on the Wyre Local Plan back in May to represent the views of residents, who overwhelmingly opposed the scale of development proposed in the Local Plan as both disproportionate and unsustainable.

The Planning Inspector listened to our case and has rejected the Wyre Local Plan to more than double the size of Inskip, suggesting instead that “a modest scale of allocation would be justified to enhance and maintain the vitality of the village but this should be confined to the area which already has planning permission and the land allocated either side of the school. Such land would be well-related to the school and allow extension of the school if necessary”. In addition the Planning Inspector recommended that Wyre Council might also consider “a modest allocation” at land opposite to the Derby Arms.

We understand that in response Wyre Council will now be putting forward a modified Plan for public consultation later this month. There will now be no development on the field behind Manor Road, but a further 30 dwellings are proposed on the land to the east of the Inskip St. Peters Church of England Primary School (abutting the land currently being developed by Create Homes) and land to the west of the School is to be reserved for the expansion of the School. In addition Wyre are now proposing “a modest allocation of 70 dwellings” on the field opposite to the Derby Arms.

The plan now for Inskip is for a total of 155 dwellings (including the 55 currently being built at land to the north and south of Preston Road) rather than the originally planned 255. If you have views on this latest proposal then you have the opportunity to submit your opinion within the 6 week consultation window that we understand will open in September (date yet to be announced by Wyre Council). Alternatively, let Parish Councillors know your views so we can represent them for you.

Full details of the Wyre Local Plan can be found on the Wyre Council website at the following link:


Carrs Green
If you walk on Carrs Green you may have noticed that an area has been mown recently. Mowing, and removing the cuttings, is recommended by conservationists in order to maintain the Common in its traditional natural state now that the Common is no longer grazed regularly. We recognise however that care must be taken to protect ground-nesting birds, so we only mow after mid-July and only cut small areas at any one time. If you have any views on how we manage the Common Parish Councillors would be pleased to hear from you.

Traffic Calming
Residents may have seen Speed Indicator Devices (SpID) deployed around the village on a number of occasions over the last few years, and the Parish Council regularly request their deployment from the Highways Authority, Lancashire County Council. However we recognise that these only tend to influence the behavior of the more law abiding amongst us! Another means of controlling speeding motorists in the village would be to introduce physical “traffic calming” measures.

A survey of residents at Carrs Green came out strongly in favour of a suggestion to place gradual speed ramps, maybe three, along Preston Road at Carrs Green – ramps that span the road where the road rises stays level for a short distance and then drops back. Our Lancashire County Councillor, Matthew Salter, has agreed to sponsor this proposal.

Do residents want traffic calming in the centre of the village also? Measures might include speed ramps or chicanes. Whether you are in favour or against, please let Parish Councillors know.

Woods Lane
The Parish Council has asked LCC Cllr. Matthew Salter if funding can be allocated by the County Council to re-surface Woods Lane, which is in urgent need of repair. We accept that getting Woods Lane onto the county highways Capital Programme may take some time (it took us several years of campaigning before the road between the Derby Arms and Carrs Green was sorted) – but as they say, if you don’t ask, you won’t get!

Wyre in Bloom
Planting up just at the start of the long hot dry spell was challenging – but as the Wyre-in-Bloom judges pointed out every village was in the same boat. Many thanks to Alan and the team for their sterling work – and also to our Lengthsman, Andy, the lawnmower king, for keeping the beds watered through the scorching weather.

Parish Council Meetings
Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings. There is a regular agenda item “Open Forum for the general public” at the start of each meeting when you can raise any issue that concerns you. Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the month at the YIPS Centre in Nelson Gardens at 8pm. The next meeting is at 8pm on Thursday 20th September.

Parish Council meeting notices and agendas, meeting minutes and other public notices can be found on our website at: