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Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3

December 21st, 2008

Christmas Carol Concert

When the first edition of this Newsletter was published in 2007 we expressed the concern that the Village would not have a Christmas Tree due to a combination of vandalism and the bureaucracy of Lancashire County Council. As we subsequently discovered the concern was groundless because due to the generosity of Viv and Henry Hollinshead, together with the foresight of the Parish Council our tradition was maintained and a tree and Christmas lights were duly erected in time for the festive season. An inaugural carol concert was held around the ‘Hannah Hollinshead’ tree at Yip’s. Sadly the vandals have struck again this year by breaking the top few feet off the tree but notwithstanding this mindless act the concert will still take place. The police have been informed and are making enquiries which it is hoped will lead to the apprehension of the perpetrators of this criminal act.

The concert will be held on December 19th at 6.30pm and free refreshments will be served after the event in the YIP’s Centre. Naturally donations to YIPs will be gratefully received.

Police in the Village

Over the past twelve months the police have been working hard in our village and have frequently been seen walking the streets. The result has been a drop in the overall crime figures and also the incidents of anti social behaviour. That makes the damage to the Christmas tree all the more disappointing. All Parish Councillors are thoroughly disgusted at the latest vandalism and hope the culprit/s are caught, charged and punished.

PACT Meetings

The police have also held PACT meetings in the Baptist Hall on the third Monday of every month. These have been well received and are usually attended by good number of residents to hear of the latest police activity and express their own concerns. The police welcome the support they are receiving and usually follow their PACT Meeting by coming to the Parish Council meeting and briefing the Council on all crime reports that have been logged in the previous month.

Theft of Milk

One such crime that has been both baffling and worrying us all has been solved by the co-operation of the police and a village resident. The thief was seen in action by this same resident who proceeded to follow his vehicle whilst at the same time relaying the thief’s registration number to his wife. She, in turn and simultaneously, relayed the information to the police who acted upon the information and caught the offender in Leyland.

Speeding Enforcement in Inskip

Another aspect of the police work in the village are their attempts to enforce the speed limit through the village. This is for all our safety. They are aware of the motor cycle fanatics that roar through on the Preston Road at speeds that would not be out of place in the Isle of Man TT and are active on Sundays, which is the favourite day for these offenders. However they frequently have their mobile cameras in operation so residents should also be aware of their own speeds. The police advise us that a large proportion of all the motorists they log breaking the respective speed limits are local people to the area being policed.

Bowling Club Car Park

There is a long running problem with this car park being used by various people for purposes other than YIP’s and the Bowling Club. We would stress that the car park is not an overflow for people whose drives will not hold their cars and the police have been made aware of our difficulties and will, by monitoring the cars on the site, assist us in maintaining the car park for its designated purpose. Naturally if they find any car without a current licensing disc they will take the appropriate action.

Wyre in Bloom Competition

Inskip did not win any prizes in this year’s competition although the village was looking at its best on the day. We scored very well on tidiness, cleanliness and on our bird boxes but it is clear that to make a greater impression on the judges we need more floral displays as is borne out by the success of St Michaels. Alan Lingard will welcome all volunteers to help him in his preparation for next year’s competition. His phone number is below.

Wentworth Avenue Development

At the time of going to press we have received an apology from both Five Piers Housing Association and Tysons, the main contractor, over the hazard that was created by the vehicles delivering to the site in the earlier phase of the development. We have also had an assurance that steps have been taken to ensure that residents of Wentworth Avenue are not inconvenienced any more than is necessary. Sheelagh Atherton of the Housing Association has given us a direct dial telephone number to ring in the event of residents seeing further breaches of safety code. The number is 01253 750849.

So far none of these houses has been allocated but when they are there is a legal requirement on the Housing Association as to the method to be employed. All will be allocated to people on the Wyre Borough housing list and priority must be given to people with a strong connection with Inskip. Only after this has been exhausted can the catchment area be spread wider.

Parish Council Vacancy

It is a great pleasure to welcome Geoff Carter to the Parish Council. He is a well known resident of the Village and will bring many useful assets and knowledge to assist the other Members in working for what is best for this village. We hope his stay on the Council is a long and happy one.

The Parish Council would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.