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Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2

June 21st, 2008

When the last edition of the Newsletter was produced we were all looking forward to Christmas. We had experienced problems that led to our being unable to site the Village Christmas tree in its usual place on Preston Road. However, as you will all know by now, due to the generosity of Viv and Henry Hollinshead and the sterling efforts of Geoff Hogarth and several volunteers including Peter Stuart, we did have a Village Christmas tree sited at YIP’s Centre. Many of you will have attended the inaugural Carol Concert, which it is hoped will become an annual event.

Polling Station

Another item was a review of the arrangements for elections where it was suggested that consideration was being given to using YIP’s Centre as the polling station. This has now been agreed and unfortunately is to be used as such much sooner than we might have expected. An election is being held for a new Borough Councillor following the sad loss of Alf Coop, who had served the area for many years. It is to be hoped his successor is as effective on our behalf.

Joan and Jim Kings

Following on from the previous item we have received news that Joan and Jim have found a buyer for their house and will shortly be leaving the village for Kirkham. They will be a great loss to the Village having seemed like an inbuilt part of the area. They have served us all well first by Joan’s running the Old Post Office and Jim as Chairman of School Governors, a Church Elder and a Parish Councillor. Their contribution to all parts of Village life will be sorely missed. We wish them well in their new home and hope they will visit us whenever they can.

Naturally that means that we now have a…

Vacancy on Inskip-with-Sowerby Council

Wyre Borough Council has already been informed of this vacancy but we are looking for Jim’s successor. If there is a Village resident who feels they would like fill this vacancy please contact one of the remaining Parish Councillors. No qualifications are required apart from a desire to help the Village portray a good picture.

Telephone Kiosk – Derby Crescent

In the last edition we advised that BT were looking to remove this kiosk and we asked for the views of you all. After considering all those who responded it was clear that the majority were in favour of its removal. We have subsequently replied to BT advising them of this.

PACT Meetings

After many representations to the police to hold these meetings in Inskip where our residents can attend more easily we are delighted to say that arrangements have been made for them to be held every third Monday evening of the month at 6.30 pm in the Baptist Chapel Hall. The first meeting was held in May and PC Simon Jones was pleased with the interest shown. Please support this activity where you can because it is an opportunity to outline to the police your worries and to learn from them what they are doing to keep our Village free of crime and anti social behaviour.

Speeding Enforcement in Inskip

As part of the continuing efforts to curb the habits of drivers to break the speed limits the Police are regularly monitoring vehicles driving through this village. They are using laser guns and cameras to photograph the vehicle number plates. The Parish Council has been informed that on a recent occasion 40 offending drivers were recorded in Inskip. Councillors were very surprised to learn that 60% of logged offending drivers were people from Inskip and surrounding villages.

Drive with caution unless you wish to incur a fine and points on your licence.

Wyre in Bloom Competition

Alan Lingard and Peter Greenwood, our lengthsman, are busy with their preparations for this competition. Several people have volunteered to help directly but the onus is on all of us. If we wish to put on a good show for the judges we all need to do our share. We should all be aware of the litter that is deposited on our streets and pick it up and dispose of it in the correct place. In addition we need to keep our gardens tidy and hedges trimmed so as not to create an impression of untidiness. If anybody, other than those who have already offered their services, believe they can make a contribution then please contact Alan Lingard as soon as possible.

Judging will take place on Wednesday July 9th at 2.00 pm so let us all make it a successful year for Inskip.

Dog Faeces

This was another item included in the last Newsletter. Despite our entreaties for the lazy dog owners to be more responsible we are still receiving many complaints. Our lengthsman complains that his machinery is being soiled by this unnecessary mess as well as Mums with prams and our less able residents who rely on mobile wheelchairs to get out and about.

The dog owners should be warned that we have enlisted the assistance of Wyre Borough Dog Wardens to keep watch for offending owners. If caught culprits will be subject to a substantial fine. It is also another aspect of our Village that will cause us to lose favour with the Wyre in Bloom judges so if anyone knows of, or sees, a dog owner offending then please report them so the appropriate action can be taken.

Proposed development in Wentworth Avenue

When the Parish Council received a planning application for this proposed development we called a meeting of residents to enable everyone to have their say. Such was the welter of objections received by Wyre Borough to the development that it was decided that the application would be heard at the Planning Committee on April 2nd 2008. Two Residents, Paul Desborough and George Diaper, volunteered to put forward our objections in conjunction with Boro’Cllr. Susan Pimbley.

Unfortunately despite our best efforts the application received approval. This was not totally unexpected because the application ‘ticked all the right boxes’. However our representatives were not shown the courtesy that they, and we, might have expected with some Borough Councillors talking to each other whilst they were speaking. This caused no little anger amongst Parish Councillors and residents alike. As a result a letter was sent to the Leader of the Council, Boro Cllr Forsythe, with copies to his deputy and the Chairman of the Planning Committee outlining our complaints at the discourtesy shown to our residents. We await Wyre Borough Council’s answer!